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Married at First Sight DJ

We’re so proud to be the exclusive DJ company of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 15! The weddings were all located in Rancho Santa Fe, which is a wealthy area of San Diego, California. The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe was the beautiful venue where all five weddings were held. Will Chitwood was the DJ for Stacia & Nate, Lindy & Miguel, and Justin & Alexis! Mark Jones was the DJ for Krysten & Mitch’s and Binh & Morgan’s weddings!


DJing a reality TV wedding is different from most weddings! Prior to the ceremony, they typically practiced some participation cues to use on TV. All the attendees had their cell phones taken away for the show as well to avoid taking any pics or videos. One of the most unique things about the ceremony is the fact that it’s the first time each couple meets!

Our primary roles were being the DJs & MCs for the reception portions. They spread the five weddings over four days as Binh and Morgan had to postpone due to a positive covid test.

One of the interesting things about DJing a TV wedding is that all the music shown on TV has to come from an online approved library. The couples also give their requests prior, which are the non-approved songs. So we would play approved music whenever they cue’d us that they were filming. Then there would be breaks later in the reception when they were filming interviews away from the area, and we could play non-approved music!

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The other biggest difference with being a Married at First Sight DJ is the filming affects everything with the flow of the weddings, creating constant changes. We were very adaptable and flexible and made sure everything went smoothly, from changing from dancing to interviews, to doing second takes, to announcing the formalities. The actual interviews with the guests are filmed much longer than they show on TV!

The setups were truly stunning for each wedding, and the vendors that supplied the decor were truly top notch. All the couples were very easy to work with and seemed to be comfortable and enjoying their weddings! We’re so grateful we were able to have such a unique opportunity and help bring music and energy to the weddings. We also provided the cold sparklers for Binh & Morgan’s grand send off, which really added pop!


If you want to learn more about the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe check it out at their website. Or you can find out more about us at our about page!