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Lighting, Photo Booth, Karaoke, & Slideshows

You can add any number of upgrades with our DJ packages to personalize your event. We offer high-quality options at affordable pricing!

Photo Booths

We can do photo booths with our DJ packages or photo booth only events.

Open Air Photo Booth

Our open air booths start at $695 for 3 hours & $100 per additional hour. We can provide:

  • Booth Attendant
  • Fun Party Props
  • Photo Scrapbook (optional)
  • Unlimited 2X6 Prints at Event
  • Personalized 2X6 Photo Strips with Names & Date or Logo
  • Online Gallery with All Event Pictures in 2X6, 4X6, & GIFs
  • Backdrop (click here for options)

$30 for downtime hours (If you want a break in the photo booth time frame)

Upgrade to personalized 4X6 prints at event for $100.

Find out more at our open air photo booth page!

360 Photo Booth

Our 360 slow-motion video booths are $995 for 3 hours & $100 per additional hour. We can provide:

  • Booth Attendant
  • Unlimited Use
  • Fun Party Props
  • High-Quality Slow-Motion Video
  • Personalized Video Layout with Names & Date or Logo
  • Guests Can Email or Text Videos at Event 

$30 for downtime hours (If you want a break in the booth time frame)

Find out more at our 360 booth page!


Our battery-powered uplights can do any color and are adjustable brightness. Plus they’re LED so they stay cool! 

  • 4 uplights for $125 
  • 8 uplights for $200 (Popular)
  • 12 uplights for $275 (Popular)
  • 16 uplights for $350 (Popular) 
  • 20 uplights for $425 

$25 per extra uplight over 20

Karaoke DJ San Diego


Add Karaoke to any Event for $250.

  • 2 Mics with Stands
  • Top Songs Idea List
  • Screen to Sing-Along to Lyrics
  • 100,000 Song Karaoke Library (One of San Diego’s Largest)
Monogram GOBO Light on dance floor

Monogram Gobo Light

We can project onto any wall, floor, or surface. For $375 we include:

  • Adjustable Zoom
  • Warm White LED Light
  • Crisp Non-Blur Gobo
  • Over 140 Design Options
  • Custom Design or Logo, Date, & Names or Initials
party lighting upgrades

Club Style Lighting

Most of our DJ packages include basic dance floor lighting. We have a variety of dance lighting upgrades to enhance our base lighting package. We can turn your dance floor into a nightclub!

You can check out videos and packages of all our dance floor lighting options here.

  • Bronze Club Lighting – 2 extra lighting effects on 1 stand – $150
  • Silver Club Lighting – 4 extra lighting effects on 1 stand – $300
  • Gold Club Lighting – 8 extra lighting effects on 2 stands – $600 
2 Wash Lighting Trees on Stands

Wash Lighting Tree

This effect can be used to stay on one color or white to light up a dark area at night, or it can change colors to the music to liven up the dance floor.

You can check out videos of this and all our dance lighting options in action at this link.

$200 Per Tree – 4 Wash Lights Per Tree

Slideshows & Videos

Slideshows and/or personal videos are a great way to add a special touch to your event. Depending on your needs we can either do one 84in projection screen or 2-50in TV screens. These options are good for up to 250 guests.

For larger groups we have single or dual large projection screen options available for additional cost.

  • 1- 84in Video Projection Screen, Projector, and Player – $400
  • 2-50in TV Screens on Totem Stands – $1000 (Includes your names/date/initials/logo on screens when not showing slideshow & optional cool graphics on screens for dancing)


Cake or dessert table pinspot is $150.

  • Battery Powered
  • LED so the Lights Stay Cool
  • Pure White with No Yellow Tint

We also have centerpiece pinspotting options for each dinning table! Reach out for more info.

Cold Sparklers

Cold Sparkler Fountains

This is a safe sparkler effect that can be shot in bursts from machines on the ground. It helps accent big moments!

      • 2 Sparkler Fountains – $600
      • 4 Sparkler Fountains – $1000
Low Lying Fog Effect

Low-Lying Fog

This is a very cool effect for a first dance or a special dance! Low-lying fog will cover the dance floor so it looks like you’re dancing on a cloud!

  • Dancing on a Cloud Effect – $575
Luxury DJ Package Gold

Luxury Packages

If you like a lot of the options on this upgrades page, we also have luxury upgrade bundle packages! These packages can take your wedding or event to the next level! They focus on a clean and high-end look and include a variety of visual and audio  enhancements. All our packages include special bonus items as well!

Check out our luxury package page which has video, options, pricing, and pictures.