School Dance DJ

DJ for School Dances

We can provide a school dance DJ for any type of event! From proms to elementary school functions, we’ll provide the DJ with the right energy and music for your age group.

Elementary School: 

This age group usually likes a lot of interaction with the DJ! We can do a fun variety of games and participation dances to keep your crowd going! We’ll get out on the dance floor and help lead the dances and games. We keep the music very clean and age appropriate. We make these events rock!

Middle School:

This age group still likes the participation dances but focuses more on the dancing and social aspect of the events. We keep the music clean and age appropriate while focusing on more of a club style mix than with an elementary school crowd. We make it fun and keep your crowd pumping!

High School: 

These events are focused on providing a cool, energetic, club-style environment. We can provide large light shows and concert sound setups. Our DJs play the latest radio-edited jams in club-style mixes and mashups that keep your crowd hyped! Check Our Availability Here

Why use us as your School Dance DJ?

Great DJs 

Our school DJs are young, hip, energetic, and know all the latest club and radio hits!

Make It Rock

We know how to make your dance rock … whether it means getting out and leading line dances or playing a sick ratchet mix. Let us know the vibe you want and we’ll make it happen.

Song Requests

You, the ASB, etc., can make a custom song request list in your own portal on our website prior to the dance. Our DJs can take live requests as well!


We’re fully licensed and insured and have been providing one of the best Southern California DJ services since 2001. We’ve won 30 awards, are a preferred Disc Jockey at over 100 venues, and are the most reviewed DJ company in San Diego, California! In addition we were featured in People and Brides magazines. We also were the exclusive DJ company of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 15!

We would love to be part of your Southern California school dance! Contact us anytime, and we’ll create a custom package for your event! You can check out our upgrades and reviews below.

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