Questions to ask Your Wedding DJ

Common Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Having been DJing weddings for over 23 years, we’ve put together a page covering common questions to ask your wedding DJ as a helpful resource. reach out anytime to talk more in-depth with any questions or concerns or just to talk about weddings!

What sets you apart from other DJs?
One of the main things that sets us apart is we really focus on catering to your vision. We understand it’s your wedding and we want to make it about you, not us. We have a variety of DJs with different styles and personalities available to make sure we have the perfect fit for what you’re looking for! We’ve also been in business since 2001, won 30 awards, are a preferred DJ at over 100 Southern California venues, and are the most reviewed DJ company in San Diego! In addition we were featured in People and Brides magazines. We also were the exclusive DJ company of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 15!

Can we pick which DJ we get? 
Absolutely! You can check out our DJ team at this link.

Do you have bilingual DJs?
Yes, we have DJs that are bilingual in English and Spanish.

Will we talk with our DJ prior to the event? 
Yes, you may talk with them at any point up to your wedding with questions, ideas, or just to chat! We love becoming friends with our couples! Normally a week or two before your wedding is a good time to do a final call with your DJ to review final details, songs, and timeline.

Can we see our DJ in action at a wedding? 
Yes, we have videos of each DJ in action on their about pages. Check out our DJs about pages

Would our DJ mix live? 
Yes, for sure! All our DJs mix live and have smooth transitions between songs.

What describes your DJ style?
We don’t have one set style since every couple is different. Some couples want us to be more interactive on the microphone, and some couples want us more in the background just playing a good mix of music. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we can put you with a DJ that fits your style and vibe!

Where can we see your wedding reviews/testimonials?
We’re the most reviewed DJ company in San Diego and you can check out our review page. All of the DJs have some of their specific reviews on their about pages as well.

Can we provide our own playlist and a do-not-playlist?
Yes, we have an awesome online planning area with over 150,000 songs where you can make all your requests. You can separate the dancing requests by must-play, play-if-possible, and do-not-play. There are also cocktail and dinner song request areas. You can pick as many or as few songs as you’d like. Your DJ will take your requests and use their experience and expertise to incorporate them to create the perfect vibe!

Can we add songs that aren’t in your collection? 
Yes, there’s a tab in our 150,000 song request portal to add your own request if we don’t have it. You can also email us mp3s of custom versions or share your Spotify lists.

Do you have song suggestions? 
Yep, in your request portal, we have our top 200 most requested songs, top songs by decade, and also our top wedding song ideas such as top grand entrance songs, top bouquet toss songs, etc. Check out our demo planning area. 

How do you handle guest song requests?
We’re comfortable taking requests at your event, or, if you want no guest requests, we can turn them down. Typically we play guest requests if they work well with the energy and vibe of the event. We can also give you a guest request link where your guests can make online requests prior.

Can you help with planning and our timeline?
For sure! Our online portal includes a planning form that lets you pick your wedding formalities and songs. We also have a timeline creator for weddings without a coordinator. If you have a coordinator, normally the coordinator will make your timeline with you and send it over to us prior, and then you’ll use our planning area to pick your songs. We’re also available to talk about any questions or give suggestions!

Can you act as the MC/Master of Ceremonies?
Yes, we handle all the main announcements, first dance, grand entrance, etc as the MC. We’re very good at keeping things flowing smoothly and keeping the event on schedule.

What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?

It depends on how interactive you want your DJ to be. Some of the strategies include changing the style of music, playing a request or dedication, playing a slow song to get the couples out, or doing a line dance such as the “Cha Cha Slide.”

Do you have liability insurance?
Yes, we have a $1,000,000 policy. We can add your venue as additionally insured as well.

Do you have backup equipment?
Yep, we have everything backed up and on-site at every event.

What happens if our DJ gets sick or can’t make it? 
We have a large DJ team, so we always have a backup DJ available in case of an emergency.

Do you take breaks? 
No, the DJ will be playing music for the whole event!

Do you drink alcohol? 
No, our DJs don’t drink on the job.

What does our DJ wear? 
Our DJs will match the appropriate dress code for your event.

Do you charge for equipment setup or tear down?
No, setup and tear down is complimentary! We only charge for DJ music time.

How long does setup and tear-down take? 
Typically around an hour for setup and 30min for tear-down for a normal wedding setup.

Do you set up a sign or banner?
No, we think that looks tacky!

Does our DJ do more than one wedding per day? 
Nope, each DJ only DJ’s one wedding per day!

Do you belong to any professional associations?
Yes! We’re proud members of the San Diego DJ Association, American DJ Association, and Association of Bridal Consultants.

What kinds of payments do you take? 
We accept Venmo, Zelle, cash, check, and all major credit/debit cards.

What equipment does your main system include? 
We come fully self-contained including top-of-the-line speakers, DJ controller, laptop with over 150,000 songs, a wireless mic, and dance floor lighting.

Can you provide music and/or mics in numerous areas? 
For sure! We can provide additional systems for music and mics in as many areas as you need. Typically weddings are in 1 to 4 areas depending on if we’re doing ceremony, cocktails, dinner, and dancing and how many areas your venue uses.

Can you provide battery power? 
Yes, we have a battery-powered system that works anywhere for ceremony and/or cocktail hour! If there’s no power in the reception area, then a generator is normally the best option for our higher-powered dancing system.

Do you offer services in addition to DJing such as a Photo Booth, Projection Screen, etc?
Yes, we have a variety of options. You can check out our upgrades page.

You can find out more about our wedding packages and pictures and watch our video at our wedding page. 

We hope this list of common questions to ask your wedding DJ has been a helpful resource in your DJ search. You can contact us anytime with more questions or check our availability!