Karaoke DJ


From corporate events to all types of parties, if you need a karaoke DJ, we have it covered. We have over 2100 events of experience and one of the largest karaoke libraries in San Diego with over 100,000 songs!

Some events want the focus to just be on karaoke while other events want a mix of dancing and karaoke. Our DJs can handle any style and schedule you want!

We’ve also done singing-contest type events where there is a judging panel who decides the winners.  Let us know what you’re looking for at your event and we’ll make it happen! Check Our Availability Here

Why Use Us As Your Karaoke DJ?

Expert Karaoke DJs 

Our DJ’s specialize in promoting a fun environment for singing and participation. As expert DJs & MCs, we’ll take care of keeping the energy upbeat and the crowd excited! We have lots of ways we can incorporate karaoke into your event whether it’s the main focus or just something fun to do later in the night!

Large Karaoke Library 

We have one of the largest karaoke libraries in San Diego with over 100,000 songs! Your guests can make requests on the spot. We also have our top karaoke song list to help singers get ideas!


We provide a full setup including high-quality speakers, a screen to sing along to lyrics, two mics with stands, high-quality speaker setup, and party lighting!


Since 2001 we’ve been DJing karaoke events. We’re fully licensed and insured. We’ve won 19 awards, are a preferred DJ at over 50 venues, and are the most reviewed DJ company in San Diego! We would love to be part of your celebration! Contact us any time and we’ll create a custom package for your event! You can check out our upgrades, reviews, and awards below.

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