Dance Lighting Packages

Many of our DJ packages include basic dance floor lighting. You can also add extra club-style lighting effects to take your dance party to the next level. All our dance lighting is sound activated, so it flashes and moves to the beat of the music!  We also have a nice wash lighting upgrade if you prefer a more subtle lighting look. Here are the options below.

Basic Dance Floor Lighting

This is what our basic dance lighting package looks like or something similar.

Bronze Club Lighting Upgrade

Includes 2 extra dance lighting effects on 1 stand – $150

Silver Club Lighting Upgrade

4 extra dance lighting effects on 1 stand – $300

Gold Club Lighting Upgrade

8 extra dance lighting effects on 2 stands – $600 

Wash Lighting Tree

$200 Per Tree – 4 Wash Lights Per Tree

This effect can be used to stay on one color or white to light up a dark area at night, or it can change colors to the music to liven up the dance floor.

2 Wash Lighting Trees on Stands

While this page is dedicated to our dance lighting packages, check out our other upgrades on our options page. 

Or check out our luxury upgrade packages which have exclusive options!