Cold Sparklers

Cold Sparklers

Cold sparklers, also known as cold spark fountains can really add pizazz and that wow factor to big moments at your wedding or event! These devices produce a safe cold sparkler effect. Unlike traditional hot sparklers or flames that can cause burns and fire risk, these spark machines are safe for both indoor and outdoor use!

A nice feature is you don’t need to get large quantities of handheld sparklers which can be unsafe and also time intensive to distribute and light. Our cold sparklers in packs of 2 or 4, can light up at the push of a button by one of our equipment professionals, and you don’t have to worry about your guests hurting themselves or starting a fire.

Cold sparklers can be used at numerous key moments of weddings or any event! While weddings use them the most, they can be used anywhere you want to highlight something such as a CEO walking on at a conference, a grand entrance for a sweet 16, or to bring in the new year! Whatever you use them for, they will bring a touch of magic and excitement to your event!

The 3 most popular ways cold sparklers are used at weddings!

Grand Entrance: This is one of the most popular moments to use the cold sparkler fountain effect for! We can do 2 or 4 cold sparklers along the entrance timed to go off right as the DJ announces you into the reception! Not only does it bring the energy up to the next level, but it also looks amazing in your wedding video and pictures.

First Dance: Using the sparklers to highlight moments in your dance such as a twirl, a dip, or a lift can help create that perfect moment that you’ll remember the rest of your lives!

Grand Exit: This and the grand entrance are the most popular times couples chose to use cold sparklers for! Using this effect for your send off is very dynamic, as it’s a very vivid backdrop against the dark night sky! It really creates stunning pictures and video and it’s also a safe way to do sparklers. See the video below on a grand send off we did with them on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight!

Common questions about cold sparkler fountains.

How long do they last? The actual bursts last up to 30 seconds at a time, but we can do multiple bursts in a row or at different times throughout the night. We control the bursts via remote control so we can do it from a distance and time the bursts to go off at the right moment!

How do they make the sparks? Cold sparkler machines use a powder made up of titanium and zirconium to create the glowing sparks effect.

Are they safe? Cold sparklers are very safe and they burn cold so while we don’t recommend it, you can actually put your hand over the spark and touch it!

Safety precautions: While these machines are very safe, we still have staff trained to handle any malfunction and a Class-D fire extinguisher on site. We’re also one of the few companies in Southern California to be fully insured with pyrotechnics insurance which covers cold sparker fountains! Most companies just carry general liability polices which do not cover cold sparklers.

Restrictions: Even though they are a safe effect, some venues or locations don’t allow them, so we do have to get venue approval prior.


2 Sparkler Fountains – $600
4 Sparkler Fountains – $1000

We can add this amazing effect to any of our DJ packages, or you can book our cold sparklers as a stand-alone option. We will provide an equipment tech to run them! Contact us for more info or check out our other upgrades!