Photo Booth Backdrops

We have a variety of backdrops available for our photo booth packages. We include a white, silver, or gold backdrop. We also have a variety of premium options available. Scroll down to see pictures of our available photo booth backdrops.

Silver Sequin Backdrop (Included)

San Diego Photo Booth

Gold Backdrop (Included)

Gold Backdrops

White Backdrop (Included)

Disclaimer: White backdrop may look slightly yellow or pink depending on the venue lighting. Sometimes the room or area lighting overpowers our white light with this backdrop. 

A. White Photo Booth Pic 3

Brick Style Backdrop - $30 Extra

A Brick

Hedge Style Backdrop - $30 Extra

A Hedge

Wood Style Backdrop - $30 Extra

Wood backdrop

Rose Gold Backdrop - $30 Extra

Rose Gold

Tropical Backdrop - $30 Extra

A Tropical

Silver Chevron Backdrop - $30 Extra

San Diego Photo Booth Silver Chevron Photo Booth Pic

You can find out more about our photo booth at this link. Or contact us here.