DJ Gamma Ray

DJ Gamma Ray

Hey everyone, I’m DJ Gamma Ray, aka Raysean (Ray)! I’ve always had a love for music since I was a kid and my parents got me into a variety of musical styles. In the early days, I would light up gatherings with great music suggestions that my friends and attendees loved.

I finally got into DJing my sophomore year at San Diego State University. Shortly after picking up turntables, I progressed into a variety of events including weddings, parties, races, and corporate events for groups of up to 10,000 people. I’ve now been DJing for over 11 years, and I still have the same passion and enjoyment for the craft as I did in the early days!

A few things that set me apart from other DJs is my energy as an MC and my versatility in music selection to entertain any type of crowd. I enjoy a wide variety of tastes, and I’m proud of my musical ear which brings a fresh and engaging perceptive to every event!

I come from very humble beginnings and my motto is, “No event is too large or too small.” I keep working to provide the best possible musical experience and am constantly working to become your new favorite DJ!

DJ Gamma Ray’s Live Mixes

Here’s a few mixes I put together recently! I can mix any style that you wish!


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