DJ Mark Jones

DJ Mark Jones

Sup! My name is Mark Jones, aka Deejay RunMC. I’m a United States Marine who was honorably discharged right here in beautiful San Diego. Needless to say, I decided to stay after my contract ended. After the Marine Corp, I started a business as a personal trainer, developing many different prevention-related initiatives and a dance fitness program for fitness.  For many years I also worked hand in hand with underserved communities in the San Diego County area, providing these same services for free. Little did I know that my passion for health would lead to an exciting career as a nationally requested deejay and emcee.

My career shift started when I was invited to warm up thousands of runners for the Hollywood Half Marathon.  It went so well that I was invited to do it again and again for many different events all over the country. I could have never guessed at the time that my ability to lead thousands of people with warm-up choreography, love for music, and energetic personality would allow for an easy shift into emceeing and deejaying

I still remember my first emcee and deejay event like it was yesterday. I was in Hollywood Florida for the second rendition of the Hollywood Half Marathon, doing another warm-up when the radio call that would change my life came in.  It was the event organizer of the Hollywood Half and he was in a bind. For some reason, he could not make it to the start of the event.  “Mark,” he said, “ I am going to need you to emcee this event.

Talk about being thrown into the fire. I was more than a little nervous. But I cued up the music, sipped some water and went to work. By the time the dust settled, the event organizer, the Mayor of Hollywood, Florida, and spectators alike let me know without a shadow of a doubt that emceeing and deejaying events was the right move for me.

Since my emcee and deejay debut, I have traveled the nation hosting and deejaying events both small and great. It’s been one blast of a ride, and I am excited to now bring my talents to Dancing DJ Productions.  The myriad of events, weddings, and parties that they put on is right up my alley!

The fact is I love this. I love music (all types of it), I love to dance, I love to laugh and I love having a great time. These are all things I bring to the table for every event I attend.  My name is Mark Jones, aka the RunMC, and if you’ll have me I’m ready to bring a great time to your next event! 

Mark in Health Magazine

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MCing with Mario Lopez

I have been in the events business for over 40 years and have hired many dozens of announcers/DJs over the years. Mark Jones brings something special to the stage. He knows that the guests of honor are the focal point – but has an incredible talent at pumping up the crowd. Making the guests of honor feel very special by keeping the spot light on them. He motivates people and greatly builds up the energy in the room. He has a personality that shines and makes people think they are at a truly special occasion. He gives the crowd and the hosts what they want in their event.
Steve Balfour – B4 Events

Mark is more than an emcee. He is an entertainer with exceptional energy and ability to motivate a crowd. He has become a valued member of our team and works hand in hand with us to ensure that the perfect tone is set for our production. 

Michelle Metter – Partner Fast Forward Events

Mark Jones has been an MC at our events for the past 4 years! We love the energy he brings to our events with his music and charisma! He knows how to engage the crowd and get people on their feet dancing and interacting – it’s a natural talent and our events would not be the same without him on stage. 
Rachel Hiner – Sandy Feet Events, Inc.

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