DJ Grande

DJ Grande

Hello! My name is JP Martinez, better known as stage name DJ Grande. I was born in a small city called Valles from San Luis, Mexico. In 1991 I moved to San Diego with my family. Growing up in both cultures made me bilingual in English and Spanish.

Growing up in San Diego’s melting pot of cultures created my passion for all types of music. When I was a kid, I started collecting all types of CD’s and records in every genre I could find. If you ask me what’s my favorite genre, I seriously don’t have any. One day I’m feeling 80s, another day I’m feeling rock, next thing you know I’m jamming to salsa. I love keeping up with all the latest new hits as well!

Finally in 2004 I decided to buy a mixer and controller and progressed into DJing. Once I started DJing, I was hooked … that love of having control of the dance floor, playing the right song at the perfect moment, and seeing the crowd react! In addition to being a mobile DJ at weddings, clubs, corporate events, and parties, I learned programs on music production and remixing. Eventually DJing and production became my full time job! I progressed into providing edits for global record pools for DJs alongside my partner George, aka DJ GQ, AKA Muzik Junkies.

While I’ve DJ’d all of San Diego’s hottest night clubs, I truly enjoy mobile DJing and being able to be the host and provide the soundtrack to all types of events. Since 2004, I’ve done over 1000 events. I love DJing even more than when I started! After all, I’m never working a day in my life again!!!

DJ Grande’s English & Spanish Wedding videos of him in action

I also DJ Quinceanera’s, parties for all ages, corporate, and many other types of events!

DJ Grande’s Live Mixes

I can play a great mix of any kind of music. Here are a few mixes!

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