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Hey, I’m Christian Massey, aka MixtapeMassey, Virginia native currently active-duty military in The United States Navy. I volunteered as my school’s sporting event DJ for our winter sports in Brunswick, OH, located in the greater Cleveland Area. My entire life has been surrounded by either music or dance ever since I could remember, with everything from early 70’s hits to today’s top 40 hits.

With such an early introduction to dance and music in my life, it has influenced who I am as a person and really shows when I perform. I’ve DJ’d all types of events from clubs to parties to weddings! The feedback I receive has always been the same, that my up-tempo and passionate energy was felt through my music and on the dance floor. That’s what I enjoy most about music. To me my music is art and therapy that is good for the soul, and I want to share my art with the world!

As a fan of music, it is hard to just claim any single genre as your favorite! However, as someone who loves to move to the beat, I’ve become well-versed and a big fan of funk/soul/house/reggaeton/ 2000’s and early 2000’s hip-hop, R&B, pop and alternative hits. The nostalgic feeling is what I like to offer with a blend of the newer music to meet all audiences needs. If you are looking for someone who puts the “Dancing” in Dancing DJ Productions, I am certainly the guy!

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DJ Christian’s Sample Mixes

I can play a great mix of any kind of music. Here’s a few recent mixes I made!

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