DJ Bryce Zuniga

DJ Bryce Zuniga

Hi, I’m DJ Bryce Zuniga. I was born in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. In 2005 I moved to San Diego with my family. Growing up in both cultures made me bilingual in English and Spanish.

I came from a Christian household, which meant church every Sunday. While my parents went to the main service, I went to a youth group called Ampt. One Sunday they made an announcement asking if anyone was interested in joining the youth group band. I told them that I could help with the sound engineering and mixing.

Through that experience, I truly fell in love with music. That summer my dad also bought me a guitar and I took it to every practice with me. I didn’t know how to read music, so I learned by watching the band members’ fingers and strumming patterns which taught me to play guitar and later the drums!

With music being a big part of my life, I naturally progressed into DJing first as a hobby, then as a passion. I love creating a hot mix that gets the audience going and the energy hype! Music-wise I like all types with some of my favorites being hip-hop and Latin music. I’m also into hip-hop dance and have been known to make some routines over the years.

As part of Dancing DJ Productions, I’ve DJ’d hundreds of events. I’m excited to bring my love for music and people to your celebration! Maybe I’ll even join you on the dance floor!

DJ Bryce In Action

Bryce Zuniga’s Mixes

Here’s some hip hop, trap, and latin mixes I made recently! However, I enjoy a wide variety of styles and can mix any type of music!

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