DJ Danny Ray

DJ Danny Ray

DJ Danny Ray is in the house!!

Hi all! My name is Danny, and I’ve been in the entertainment game since high school. Now in my thirties, I’ve cultivated experience in theater, radio, and live events to make sure you have the greatest experience possible for your event. For the last five+ years, I’ve been one of San Diego’s most in-demand trivia hosts and MCs. Now I’m bringing my experience and expertise to DJing your weddings and events.

A San Diego native, I have always loved the duality of our cultures and aim to recognize that a wedding is the perfect symbol for the unification and blending of different styles and cultures. Knowing that two possibly disparate identities will come together to form a perfect union is one of my favorite things. And I pride myself on being able to cater to your unique blend of family and cultural background to make sure that your wedding or event goes off without a hitch.

As for myself, I grew up being a fan of new wave and classic rock all the way up to modern hip-hop and rap. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed connecting with my Mexican heritage and learning more about the worlds of cumbia and reggaeton along with other deeply culturally rooted music styles. I’m always looking for new recommendations and new styles to find all the best music from every corner of the world. I truly believe music and dance are how we express ourselves, and I look forward to helping you express yourself through the perfect mix for your wedding or event!

DJ Danny Ray In Action!

Danny’s Live Mix!

Here’s an open format mix I made! I can play any style of music you want!

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