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What’s happenin’! My name is Brycen Peinado. I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California. My interest in music began in 1st grade where I learned how to play the recorder and fell in love with the feeling you get from playing a song perfectly all the way through. My passion for music grew throughout my childhood, from long road trips listening to my parents’ favorite classics to big family get-togethers with a LOT of dancing. Over time I listened to and became very proficient in a wide variety of styles including classic & modern rock, hip-hop, EDM, and classics from all decades.

Later in high school and into college, I started going to shows like Avicii and Illenium, and from these experiences I really fell in love with the DJing aspect of music. This caused me to take up the craft myself, and eventually it progressed from a hobby into a career! I am happy to be a part of the community and sharing my passion for music with others.

While away for college on the island of Oahu in the beautiful Aloha state of Hawai’i, I became very familiar with reggae and island-style music. Local Hawaiians love to blast these genres at the beach for all to hear, and it definitely grew on me over the 5 years I lived on the island. These experiences really helped open my eyes to the power that music has to put you in a certain mood or change the energy at an event.

There’s no better feeling than the adrenaline rush you get from singing and dancing along to your favorite songs! My passion is to provide you with that great feeling at your event. Let’s party!

Brycen Peinado in Action

DJ Brycen’s Sample Mixes

I can play a great mix of any kind of music. Here’s a few samples mixes I made!

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