DJ Sam White

DJ Sam White

I’m DJ Sam White! I am extremely passionate about music and consider my favorite artists to be Florida Georgia Line, R. Kelly, Prince Royce, Backstreet Boys, Nysnc, Boyz II Men and especially anything Disney. I play the piano, the bass, saxophone and I sing here and there, but mostly just for fun! I’m also bilingual in both English and Spanish! 

I love weddings (I know I’m a guy, but I DO!) and I really love any event that brings people together to have a great time. Helping provide the soundtrack and set the energy of an event is my passion! 

For a time, music got outweighed in my life while playing soccer competitively, being involved in student government and keeping up with my rigorous course of study at the University of Denver where I got my Bachelors in Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience.)

After college and my move back to San Diego, I got serious about music again. I love to DJ so it was only natural that I joined the amazing team of Dancing DJ Productions! I’m the guy that actually listens to you and makes your vision happen. I am a perfectionist to a fault, so I make you a promise that your event will be next to perfect :)!  Let’s goooooo!

DJ Sam In Action

DJ Sam White’s Reviews

Here are screenshots of a few of my recent five-star Yelp reviews! 

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