DJ Robin Garcia

Robin Garcia

Hi!  My name is Robin Garcia AKA DJ Robsta!  I was born in Busan, South Korea.  My father is Filipino and my mother is Korean which makes me Fliporean!  I grew up in a city also known as the Salad Bowl, Salinas, CA.  My parents hosted many parties when I was a child and I remember shopping for records with my cousin for one of those parties.

Music always filled my house whether it was my mother’s Korean and Motown hits or my dad listening to country music.  I listened to a local DJ, Bubba G. Scotch who played all the hot jams of the early breakdancing days and I would record those songs onto tape.  I was a kid when popping and breakdancing was introduced to the world and I instantly fell in love with hip-hop.  I tried my hand at breakdancing but quickly realized I was not very good at it.  I immediately gravitated towards the graffiti and music that fueled the dancing.  At all the concerts and shows I would see on TV, I would always focus on the DJ, and watched their different abilities.  My all-time favorite DJ is Jazzy Jeff as I love his style and skill!

I didn’t get my 1st set of turntables and mixer until after high school and once I had a decent sized record collection I started getting asked to play at parties.  I continued to collect records and went on some gigs with a family friend, DJ Angel, who is my mentor.  He hooked up some gigs at the club he was at in Monterey, CA and took me to another small bar in Aptos, CA.  It was at those gigs where I was hooked on the fact/feeling that what we did as DJs influenced and moved the crowd.

At this point I’ve been DJing for 20+ years  for all types of weddings and events. I’ve always DJ’d in addition to my other career in hospitality (Banquets).  I feel that my experience in hospitality allows me to provide you with outstanding customer service.  This also gives me a clear understanding of the flow of events and how all vendors must come together to provide you, the client, everything you expect and more to have the most enjoyable event possible.

I love to showcase my mixing ability and am very passionate for DJing and moving the crowd.  The best way to describe my DJ style is that I’m an open format DJ who can play anything you desire and really loves the Golden Era of hip-hop.  I will do my very best to ensure you have a successful and memorable event!

Robin Garcia’s Live Mix

Here’s a mix I put together after being inspired by the artists of the 2022 Super Bowl halftime show!

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