DJ Kyler Pulley

DJ Kyler Pulley

Hello, I’m DJ Kyler Pulley but my friends call me KyGuy. I’ve been involved in music for my whole life from having radio music trivia challenges, to drumming in various bands, to performing at festivals as a DJ, to producing my own music.

My journey with music began as a baby banging on pots and pans. That evolved into a full drum set. In  middle school, I was a percussionist where I learned how to read music and the basics of composition. In high school, I was in several rock bands where I played drums and learned how to cooperate with my peers to make a sound we all enjoyed.

Post high school, I was highly involved in the festival scene while I was going to college. I attended every big fest on the West Coast: Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Outsidelands, EDC, Northern Nights, and many others. The wide variety of music I experienced helped me have respect for all types of music and tastes. I enjoy a huge array of music including EDM, classic rock, hip hop, and alt rock.

My DJ career began when a DJ friend of mine took me under his wing and taught me the craft of DJing. I learned how to read a crowd, get people dancing, and be a great MC. I eventually progressed into all types of events including weddings, festivals, and private parties.

When I joined Dancing DJ Productions, it look my passion and professionalism to the next level. I have a  wealth of music knowledge and experience that helps me keep your crowd dancing and energized! I take my job very seriously and make sure every detail is exactly the way you want it. I truly love DJing and would be honored to help make your event an epic experience!

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